Manage team members workload by month


Hi all
We have a team of 10 people transitioning into Asana and we are quite happy with it. However, I need help in figuring out the best way to solve workload monitoring.

We have a number of teams where we may be working together - I would like to see on a month by month basis on a project level the number of percentage of workload for each project participant - I am not interested in getting this number on a per task basic so I am looking for at way to assign individual workload on a project level - month by month. Then I would like to be able to do an advanced search where I can see the individual workload for each team member across projects by month.

Is this something anyone has done before? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @Thomas_Jeppesen

We produce quite a lot of data for our monthly report, some of which is based on time spent. We don’t track individual workload at the level you’re suggesting, but I can see how it might be done using custom fields. You mentioned using advanced search, so I assume you have a premium subscription.

I would create a template task that your team can copy, and add two custom fields to it; one for estimated time and one for actual time. As new tasks are created and assigned, your team members could put a value in est. time to show how long they think it will take them to complete. When they’ve finished the task, they could put a value in actual time, to reflect how long it actually took.

If you want to look at workload for the coming month, you can run a report for tasks that are assigned to each team member and are due in the coming 4 weeks. To see a total, simply select multiple tasks, and the task pane will give you the sum:


If you want to see how much time your team has actually spent over the past month, you just run a similar search for tasks completed in the past 4 weeks.

You can also export your advanced search report as a CSV, which will include the custom fields, and manipulate the data in even more detail or create visualisations.

There are integrations that will do a similar thing - Harvest, for example - but the custom field method is free and very easy to set up.

I hope that’s useful. Good luck with it.


OMG we can see the total for custom fields :heart: thanks @Mark_Hudson


Hi All!
WOAA - what fantastic responses - thank you all for chipping in. Just a small clarification - My main aim is not to do time tracking - it is more chance for team members to add “anticipated workload” looking 3-6 months ahead. Day to day time tracking is not warranted - so if we reduce the estimate/real time spend focus and only look at this as a planning of resources task does that change anything in our world?


Then just use custom fields isn’t it?


Could be - but I am not sure how… create a filed for each month and put it on a section ? It gets rather busy


Ah, I see. In that case, I wonder if you could create a central project, with a section for each month, then have your team multi-home their tasks to that project, in the relevant section. That would give you an overview of the whole year and what’s being worked on by whom across each month.

Here’s the guidance for multi-homing, if you’re not familiar with it:


Hey Thomas, we use ‘estimated time’ custom field for that. Our master pipeline projects all have that, so regardless of which area that task will have a field for that (even if the primary project doesn’t) - because all of design’s tasks will always be multi-homed in the design pipeline and the like. So you can still do the select tasks and view, and not have to add the field every project.

So if my developer or designer says this task needs 40 hours, then when I’m looking at schedules I can plan accordingly.

There is also the workload view in instagantt which, while I don’t use it, is probably very pertinent to this discussion.


Thank you all for helping. I will investigate your excellent suggestions and report back on findings.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



When you refer to premium are you talking about Business Premium? We have premium and I do not see the advanced search feature in my premium account.

Please advise.
Thank You- Cheryl


Hi Cheryl

You should have the advanced search feature as part of a premium account. If you click on the search bar, it’s the option at the bottom:


You’ll only see it if you’re searching within the team that has the premium account. If you try it in a separate workspace outside of that team, it won’t be available.