Making a Sub-Task "hidden" from other members in a project

We are a marketing agency. We created projects prior as “Internal” and “External”; where internal tasks are handled by our team, there’s lots of chatter, etc. “External” are projects with both my team and the client (so work can be collaborative).

Because it becomes a chore when a task is done on “Internal” and then I have to move it over to “External” and remove chatter and ideation, etc…, I suggested “all should live in External” for simplicity sake. My boss today suggested the ONLY reason we don’t tend to do this is because we don’t want the clients seeing “how the sausage is made” all the time.

Enough backstory: is there a way to HIDE sub-tasks so ONLY the assigned team-member and the project owner (me) could see it? So the clients only see the parent task and commentary, while I’m keeping track on sub-tasks to ensure we’re delivering on time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome, @Marc_Fishman,

It won’t work as you proposed because anyone (your clients) who can see the parent task can see all subtasks.

It could work the other way around–you could designate a single subtask of each parent task to be the “external” one, multi-home it to a client-accessed project and then they’ll see just that task. But that might not be ideal.

Some likely better approaches are found in this thread containing suggestions from me and @Andrea_Mayer:




Hi @Marc_Fishman :wave:

Not a solution (at all), but you could consider working with multiple saved views of your project, and folding some sections, so your externals can focus on the part of the project that matter for them.


More info about the Saved Views: Surface the most relevant information by saving views for you and your team

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