Allow tasks to only be visible to team members and not guests

We are frequently inviting external guests into our internal company projects, it would be great if we could mark certain tasks as only visible to internal team members rather than having to manage a separate project for those tasks, very inconvenient and honestly a pretty big disappointment that it’s not a standard feature as every other PM tool i’ve ever used has this, even the free ones.

Hi @Carter_Lowe,

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

Guests have limited access to the Organization and only see what is explicitly shared with them as we understand privacy is key when working with external users! :slight_smile:

  • If you share a task with them; they will only see that task.
  • If you share a project with them; they will see that project and all tasks within that project.
  • If you invite them to a Team; they will see all public projects within that Team.

If you would like to only share specific tasks with a Guest, I would recommend adding them on the task level only and not to the project.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response, I get all of that: however, I’m asking for the ability to make any task I chose visible to internal team members. I do not want my guests to see internal task that pertain to the project but right now that is not possible without setting up a new project or tasks not tied to the project which goes against all best practices.

Hi @Carter_Lowe, thanks for following up here!

Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to add a task to a Project and allow only Members to access this. If there are Guests added at the Project level, they will also have access to the task.

As per the logic listed above, if you share a project with Guests; they will see that project and all tasks within that project. The workaround here to add Guests on a task level only :slight_smile:

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