Making a due date immovable?

Is there a way to set a due date for a task in a project Immovable, such that you cannot accidentally move/change the due date when you’re poking around with Timeline view?

For example, I moved a “Product Delivery Date” today by accident because I have a stack of tasks that are blocking “Product Delivery Date”. It’s something I’m going to have to be very careful about.

Timeline did what it’s supposed to do— it moved stuff in relation to the dependencies built in.

What would be sweet is if we had a way to set one specific due date as “immovable” so that when someone tries to move it (or, someone moves stuff in Timeline view where the dependencies would move the task), we get a pop-up warning that “Task named ‘delivery date’ is immovable and the operation you are trying requires moving that due date”.

Hello again @Matt5

No way to lock a task, but you can turn off Asana moving tasks automatically based on dependencies, which will lesson the impact.

dependency conflicts


Thanks Getz, I do appreciate all the help you’ve been giving.

I actually use the automatic moving rather heavily in Timeline, so I’ll need to leave that feature turned on. I’ll simply have to be cautious when moving the dependant tasks, or remove the dependency from that one task once it’s “set in stone”.


Always happy to help!

If you are going to do a lot of work in timeline (or for any reason), you can Duplicate the project as a backup first.

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