Make the custom fields that's added on portfolio level visible on te project overview tab.

Currently we can add custom fields to a project on portfolio view and if we want to see that info, we either need to open the portfolio or we need to click two click deep to see the info. example:

It would be great to see this information on the overview tab on Project level.
Any place here would work:


Great idea, @Paul_Grobler!

Does anyone recall if the project-level custom fields once were shown here on Overview?

Regardless, I feel a good location would be near the Milestones section in Overview.



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This is definitely needed and logical! :heart:


I tried searching for answer but can’t find it. On the Project Overview tab, how can I remove Project Roles or Connected Goals or move them to the bottom and move up Milestones? Can I customize that page at all?

Hi Nicole,

You can’t customise this page (yet?).

Agreed that this would be helpful! Our organization just upgraded to Business and we’re changing our workflow (things that had been Tasks are now becoming Projects) and we’re losing the ability to quickly see some of this information without the Portfolio view, and there are people who may not have access to the Portfolio but will have access to the Projects.

@Michael_Toy do you know the fields are visible in the Edit view of the project?

Yes, I have been using that! But it does require a fair amount of effort to get there for people who aren’t living in the projects all the time.

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I want to ask again about this feature.

It would be really helpful to get access to the custom fields of the project in the project view tab. Even better it would be nice to get a possibility to customize the project overview.

@Emily_Roman is there any plan for those features?

Yes please!

So Portfolio View is finally in a useable state in which I can have a sufficient list view of all projects and be able to add default and custom fields to it because as a Program Manager I manage at a project level, not task level.

The problem however is that when you open a project, this data/fields are practically invisible. The only place I can see them is to go up to the stop, hit the down Cheveron next to the project, then click on ‘Edit Project Details’ and then scroll down.

Having this buried under menus like this is a very poor UX. Also it is not a good view of this data as it doesn’t have enough room so it cuts information off.

So what would make sense is to create space for this on the ‘Project Overview’ tab. You have Project Description and so the next section should be Project Details which then lists all your project level fields. This would make it easily visible on the project and allow the team on the project (that may not have access to the Portfolio View) to be able to easily update the project (such as moving a deadline, priority, status, etc.).

Please consider!

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