Looking for best way to log a data point within Asana so I can report on it

Hi - I have a few data points that I would need to report against in the future across our Projects.

One example is the final budget that we can bill for at the end of a Project. I’m not sure where I can ask Project Owners to input this field so that we can report against it in the future…

Hey @Allison_Willis welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I would add a custom field for allocated budget and consumed budget. Then everybody working on a task can update that field so you will have an overview.
I’d even have 2 fields for the $ (allocated and consumed) and one for the hours (allocated and consumed).

List view helps to allow you have an overview and calculate the sum easily + in the dashboard you can set up various graphs to monitor things too.

Here are some helpful links: (allocated and consumed)

Does that help?

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