Lock tasks/Projects: Only Creator can delete *****PAST DUE & NEGLIGENT TO NOT DO*****

Come on. Multiple people asking for this basic feature. You guys are overpriced, and it’s frustrating to see these basic core things unresponded to that are obvious needs of the platform. So many useless features and then this is missing.

Lock projects and tasks so only the person who created can delete. Other users can move it to completed but shouldn’t be able to delete it. As an owner I have had multiple issues where I assign a task to an employee and then they delete it without completion and then I don’t know about it which makes me not be able to use the platform for things I want to ensure get done > makes it all pointless.

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Hi @Von_Dellinger,

FYI I moved your post (and your vote) to an existing thread for your prevent-task-deletion request.

You also included a request to prevent project deletions; I can only move your post to one other thread but you can add your prevent-project-deletion vote to an existing request on that topic here:

Believe me, I totally get your frustration at not having these capabilities. That said, we’re mostly volunteers here and we try to keep a positive tone wherever possible.