Unable to delete projects

I’ve run into an issue where there are multiple projects that I am unable to delete. There is no Project Owner or an old Team Member owns the project who doesn’t work for us anymore.

I asked Asana about this by mail, but still no response so I thought I try it here :slight_smile:

Please help - this issue is driving me mad.

Welcome, @Eva_van_Vessem,

If you’ve notified support@asana.com or used the support form, then it’s best to wait (repeated replies can push you down the queue again).

Free accounts probably experience longer waits than paid accounts, FWIW.



Hi Larry,

Thanks for you quick reply.
We do have a paid account but thank you for the tip. After 3 weeks of waiting I thought, I will check if someone on this forum can help. Furthermore I will work on my patience :wink:

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@Rebecca_McGrath, Any chance you can see if three weeks exceeds the expected wait for something like this? Seems like it may have been overlooked.