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One of the key features of asana is the live collaboration. This works perfect when you are with the team looking at project at the same time.

Suggestion: I would like it if when I am working in a project (not during a team meeting or screen sharing), that I get an indicator that tells me if someone else is in the project making edits somewhere.

How: this could be through a simple ‘online dot’ next to the individual name and even better if I can spot where they are in the project. For example, if I hover or click on their pic, I get a small pop up that tells me where in the project they are in

Use case: Monday morning, and I am working on couple of projects, follow up on pending tasks and seeing where the team is.
I am starting to trigger some follow up tasks. As I am doing so, one team member has started to update tasks and enter details from other stakeholders.

If I could see that they are updating certain tasks in the project, I could hold off issuing further tasks.

Another use case: business use is projects get status update on Fridays. While this is the norm, it would be good to see who is in the project making live changes. This might prompt me not to issue the update h trim they are done


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