changes in bord & list not visible for every teammember

Does anyone know a solution to the following:
I have created a board for our team. All team members now have access to this board. The problem is that when someone changes something (adds, deletes or modifies) the other team members cannot see this when they log in themselves.
It looks like something is going wrong with the synchronisation to all team members. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hello @Marja_Lelieveld ,

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If you want team members to be notified when something relevant changes in a task, you need (or they can do it themselves too) to add them as collaborators.

This section of the guide shows you when a user is notified

Also, make sure the project is public to the team and if not done already, add them to the project#


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Could you please help me again. I can’t find where to make my collegues collaborators. I went to tasks, and above at the right side of the middle I see share. I did that with them, but they don’t see the changes. Sorry, I really don’t understand this

Kind regards Marja

No problem, just check the screenshot in the link I shared above.

Here again for you

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