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It would be nice to be able to set a status as online or available for people, like myself, that work remotely and don’t have a set schedule. It would be helpful for other team members to quickly see if I am online across Asana, not just in a particular project, task, team, etc. Thanks!

There is a Holiday Flag in your profile settings that you might be able to repurpose.


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I think this would be huge!

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working in a team also means that people have questions and will drop by. “Just a quick question … do you know where Mark is?” … “No.” … “Hm, ok, thanks anyway”.

Questions might not always be that insignificant but I´m sure you get the point. When you are dug into thoughts you want to stay in there and not being pulled out for a quick question or even conversation.

There are some products you can use. LED lights at your Laptop, little toy traffic lights (I tried that one), but that would also mean that a colleague has to walk all the way to your office to see if a little light is burning or not.

Provided Asana is the team communication tool it would be great if there was some status visualization. You maybe know that from VoIP Com-Centers. If someone is busy you can´t forward a call.

See who is available right now … that would be so helpful for me and others at our office.

What do you and others think?

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Hi @Andre_Pollklesener :wave:t3:

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us and for taking the time to tell us why this feature would be useful to you and your team! We actually have an existing thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to gather all feedback and votes in one place! :slight_smile:


I’m new here, and my company just started out with Asana.

I also realized the need to see which of my team members are online at any moment just so that I would know they would immediately see any message or convo created. Just like in other messaging apps, an online indicator would help. Also, an indicator to check which member has received/read the message or convo would be great.

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Kwaku (from Ghana)

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That feature is more appropriate for longer breaks lasting days, and members must toggle the switch manually to tell that they would be unavailable for those number of days.

An online status indicator would be helpful in the next update.

Feature request: show to others what I’m doing right now so they could leave me alone

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I’m merging your request with an existing thread to avoid duplications! I hope it’s Ok.
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