Listing Project tasks in general Work Task feed



As a project manager that works on multiple international accounts, I’ve tested Asana for the past year to decide if it suits the needs of the organization. The biggest issue I’ve found, for my purposes, is that individual Project tasks don’t show up in the ‘My Tasks’ news feed, but instead I get a message saying I need to check my Project. With many projects going on at the same time, it’s not an ideal way to keep track of everyone’s notes, feedback, deadlines, etc. I need all of the tasks due to be listed on the same page in the same feed.

For instance:

Task: brand brochure Project: [insert partner name] Due: [due date]
Task: email xx Project: [none] Due: [due date]
Task: website design Project: [insert campaign name] Due: [due date]
Task: social post Project: [none] Due: etc.

With this feature implemented, Asana would be a great platform for the entire organization.