List items that are not tasks


Is there a way to have tasks that don’t need to be marked complete? For example, in Portfolios, the project looks like it’s 75% complete when it’s 100% because we have asset tasks that are resources to note - not tasks to be completed.


In Asana, any task has 2 possible statuses: Complete or Incomplete. So there is no status setting that could help you.

If I were you, I would probably use tags to distinguish “tasks” that are really just items in a material list, i.e. create a tag “Materialitem” (so you can always distinguish and search for it) and then mark it complete when created. It won’t throw your 100% completion off, then.


I agree, there should be an option when creating a new task to determine if it’s a task or a static note. Some of the projects we create in Asana are actually contact lists or resource lists and we constantly have to tell new team members not to check off certain entries. It could be as simple as tapping “Tab + S” (S for static).

Also, maybe when clicking the “+” next to a team, under “Add Project” there could be another option to “Add List”. It would be the same as a project just without the checkmarks.


I would love to see a “non task” option in projects too. In the meantime, I’ve found that Sections don’t count towards project completion. So you can create a section called “DOCUMENTATION” and then put needed info in the Section description. Not super-intuitive, but you could train your team to look for info there…

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