Links as "smart chips"?

I noticed on a single task today that some of my “@” links in a task description were converted to something like Google’s smart chips. Instead of looking like a traditional link, they have a block icon with a color that matches the project color, if the link was to a project, or they have a checkmark icon if the link was to a task. Both are surrounding by a gray background.

I’m not able to replicate this with a new task and I haven’t noticed it on any other tasks. Am I seeing something new that’s been released that I haven’t heard about?

I haven’t seen it either, maybe that was an A/B test… @ambforumleader did you notice anything?

Although I haven’t seen it yet, I will keep an eye out. At a Google event, Asana was announced as a partner to incorporate smart chips into Google documents, which may hint at future developments.

Today, I’m seeing this on other tasks.


I’m seeing this same behavior today, too. We heavily use task references in the description field and all of them in our projects have changed from the highly-visible blue link style to this new washed-out gray button look. It’s kind of confusing that it looks like you’re going to complete the task when you click the button since it has a checkmark next to it now where it used to look like an actual link before (which it was) that opened a new tab.

A bit late into the party and this was probably answered anywhere else. These smart chips links seems to be created when you copy and paste the URL of the task directly. If you try to modify the text it reverts to a regular link immediately.