Linking Vision > Mission > Company Objectives > actual work in ASANA

I have been viewing the video of Justin Rosenstein, Justin Rosenstein: Unveiling the Future of Asana - YouTube . I think the features discussed in this video under development right.

What are the ways and means to document the Companies Vision / Mission / Objective in such a way, that deep down, a worker, if he is making a small document, ASANA could tell / inform the management, that his document was made particularly targeting this Objective.

Any ideas / tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Salman,

Have you checked out some of the documentation that Asana provides for strategic planning? You can use tags or custom fields to mark tasks that are connected with strategic initiatives or you may choose to multi-home tasks and have a project that tracks all of the tasks throughout your organization that pertains to an initiative. I believe that is the best practice (creating a project to track using the multi-home feature).

I hope that helps,

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Hi @Katie_Reynolds,

So basically, what I have gathered or understood is that for tracking Objectives > OKRs,

  • One Project Owner might need to sit with all Company’s HODs and define their Objectives with Key Results, hence OKRs.
  • then all those OKRs will be made part of one Project in ASANA. Call its Company Objectives
  • All Company levels HODs / Team Leads would be following their own different Department Level / Team Level Projects, which would be more detailed parts of those OKRs.
  • Asana’s Portfolio would come into picture, where it would link particular OKR with a one to many relationship of Project’s Status Reports and hence they would be measured across company.

Let me know if I get it right or if there is something else.

Do you have any youtube Video to explain how to use Portfolios. I have search youtube, can’t find on PortFolios in particular.

Salman, Khwaja.

I would agree with Multi Home Feature of Tasks, but that approach is looking to me very tedious in terms of tracking. Can’t really visualize tracking all the OKRs. Please provide me an example if possible.

Also, I have found this fascinating video ( Justin Rosenstein: Unveiling the Future of Asana - YouTube) by Justin Rosenstein: Unveiling the Future of Asana which basically illustrates my point, but this is works right.


If you haven’t already, I would take some of the Asana Academy mini-courses. Especially the one on company goals and objectives. I would approach it from the top down rather than the bottom up. Get your VPs to id strategic goals and the projects that align with those goals. Multi-homing milestones from those projects won’t be difficult. I see this as a top level responsibility, not the project managers responsibility.

I hope that helps,

Where did you get the stat that 61% of knowledge workers’ days are spent on ‘work about work’? It was attributed to a McKinsey study (there’s a typo in the video) but I can’t find that statistic anywhere.