Linking TimeCamp to Azure

We are evaluating Asana and hooked up Harvest by default. We saw the Harvest button and sent time over to it. We found it lacking and wanted to evaluate TimeCamp. Another team member who had not linked to Harvest downloaded installed and linked in TimCamp and was able to track time through Asana. I went to Apps in my account and deauthorized Harvest. It vanished from authorized apps. The button disappeared in the tasks, but Harvest is still listed under Available Apps. I clicked the radio button to deactivate it. I then went to TimeCamp, logged in with the account the other team member had created and linked it to Asana. It shows under authorized apps but not in available apps. There is no button for TimeCamp in the tasks. How do I get the button to display for TimeCamp in the tasks?

Hi @David_Wimsett and welcome to the forum!

You need to be using Google Chrome as your browser, and need to perform Step 7 shown on this page to install the TimeCamp Chrome extension: