Linking tasks to tasks - many-to-many

I want to use Asana as my CRM. For this, I believe the way forward is to have following projects:

  • Companies
  • People
  • Funnel

Each project would then contain tasks, each representing a company, person or deal.
Subsequently, I would like to link one person to a company - or several companies. And a company can of course have several people. And a deal could have several companies and people linked.

These would not be subtasks, but linked tasks. A snippet of the functionality already exists with the @reference function, but it’s not enough.

Monday does this quite well (see screenshot). I understand their data model is different, but this might ‘simply’ be a matter of making the already built database relationships more explicit in the user interface. It would then need to be available in the project list view, and within an opened task window.

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