Connect tasks in multiple projects

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing an issue in Asana that I haven’t been able to resolve, and I am hoping to find some help and suggestions here. My problem pertains to creating associations between tasks that are housed within two or more distinct projects.

Specific Scenario:

Project 1 serves as a Customer CRM, where each customer is represented by a task.
Project 2 is an Activity List, wherein each activity is its own task.

My objective is to select which activities (from Project 2) are related to Customer A (from Project 1), such that I can see which activities each customer is linked to within the first project, and likewise, identify which customer each activity pertains to within the second project.

Does anyone know how to achieve this, or have any suggestions?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Oscar_Du :wave:

A lot can be done via advanced search or also advanced filter within projects itself. Now in order to assist further I would like clarification on a few points.

The tasks you are referring to are separate tasks in each of the projects?

The tasks are assigned to the customer or where is the customer’s name added?

Who are these tasks assigned to? And where is the customer’s name showing?

I am asking because if the names are just added as note or text somewhere it will be tricky to properly filter. They would need to be assignee or collaborator or added via a custom field.

If possible it would be great as well to share screenshots (blur confidential info) so I can understand your set-up a bit better.

Hi, thanks for response.

  1. clients’ name would show with tasks’ name.
  2. assigned to our PM, clients’ name show in column.

screenshot below for example:

Hi @Oscar_Du ,

I think the best workaround, currently, would be to use the dependencies feature until this feature is ever released: 🪄 Add a new Custom Field type: Reference / Relation / Lookup Field

You will also note that I describe using the dependencies feature in that post, along with some disadvantages.

Instead of Companies and Contacts, as per my example, you could easily set up the same between your Clients and Campaigns for clients.

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