Link from one form to another?

Is it possible to link from one form to another when a certain criteria is met?
Example: In our main intake form we have a question, “Do you need a Mortgage Minute?” There is a drop-down to select yes or no. If they choose yes, I would like for the Mortgage Minute form to pop up for them.
Is there a way to do this? I tried writing a rule but it does no good when the task is already submitted.
I do have the hyperlink to the form in the description, but if the user forgets to click it, that’s another issue.

Hi @Veronica_Borcz , yes there is a way to achieve this!

Set up your question as below. For the Yes answer, create a branch.

In the branch for ‘Yes’, add a multi-select question as per below. Add instructions in the quesiton title and then paste the URL of your ‘Mortgage Minute’ form in the description part of the question. And the trick is to leave the options for the multi-select completely BLANK (kudos to @Christine_Bolton for this awesome hack)

Your resulting form will look like this:

If your submitters select Yes, then the message to use the Mortgage form will pop up including a clickable link. Once your submitters click on the link, it will open up a new browser page with your ‘Mortgage Minute’ form.