How can I insert a link into a form?

I have created a facility reservation form to use when someone would like to rent our building. We have a facility use agreement that we require someone to read and sign. I would like to include a hyperlink to this agreement in the form so it can be printed, signed and then uploaded back to the form. I see the option for the person submitting the form to upload a file but I cannot find a way to link or attach a document to the form on the form creation end. Can you please advise. Thanks!

Would customizing the confirmation message work in your case?

@Erica_Davis (and @Bastien_Siebman),

You just need to place your link in any field description, or the form description at the top) and it will be turned into a link automatically in the viewed form where clicking it will open the link in a new tab. Note: You should make sure the link is written commencing with https://… or http://…


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