Link board column and section names to user selected field or custom field

This would allow users to set (and change as required) standard workflows across multiple projects as they see fit without the need to use multiple unnecessary rules every time a new project is created. In my opinion this is how sections / board columns should have been implemented in the first place. The flexibility and ease of use would have been amazing.

Thanks for sharing this @Tim_Jasper! I think this could be a very good option :+1: we currently don’t have plans to launch a similar feature but I’ll make sure to keep this thread updated if you have any news!

+1. Sections don’t always correlate with boards. In fact, it’s more powerful if they don’t – otherwise what’s the point? It’s the same information just laid out differently.

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Perhaps the most important benefit of implementing this feature is that you could then set up a project quickly using a pre-existing dynamic custom field. (more powerful than a static template)

Also you could change the board view by selecting a different custom field. eg
Status: to do, doing, done.
Progress: 20%,40%,60% etc
Review: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

Currently if you want to view the same tasks in different columns layouts you’d have to add them to 3 different projects and manually add each column group to each project.

Also if a task was in multiple projects its column ‘status’ would be updated immediately in each project. I agree strongly with @Joe_Moran that a project’s list sections seldom have anything to do with a board status. Using custom fields/fields would allow you to set a list section to one custom field and the board to another. Indeed with this setup you wouldn’t even need sections in lists - you could just sort by the custom field.

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Hi Emily,
I requested this nearly a year ago.

Notion is doing this right and it should be a no-brainer to provide this to professional Asana users.

In general, the way we can filter tasks is extremly limited.
e.g. I can either filter by my tasks OR the Due date Today. Not both?
We are in 2020 and a proper database management in such a great tool as Asana is, should be standard!



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I voted for this a while ago and sure wish Asana behaved this way.

List View can be changed from its default of being grouped by Section to being grouped by any custom field.

So should Board View.

It would solve and simplify many problems and issues with workflows, multiple projects, multi-homing, multiple rules, etc.



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This is exactly how I tried setting up my data … being able to organize the same tasks in multiple views , basd on different groups …

to do / doing / done
low / medium / high
Sep / Oct / Nov
etc etc

Please add this ! that’s a real deal breaker for me …