Limit Sub-Task Depth

One of the things I love about Asana is that I can create endless sub-tasks to facilitate complex projects.

One of the things I don’t love about Asana is that my clients and teams can create endless sub-tasks on simple projects that don’t need them.

I’d love to be able to set a limit, at either the workspace or project level, on how deep sub-task creation can go. I rarely see a need for more than 3 levels (top, sub-1, sub-2) in my arena. That doesn’t stop people from clicking too far in and going to deep.

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Hi Aaron - I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to your question, but I actually need to know for my projects if Asana can create layered sub-tasks to sub-tasks.

E.g. Section
Task 1
Sub-task 1
Sub-task 2
Sub-task 3
Sub-task 3.1
Sub-task 3.2
Sub-task 4
Task 2
Task 3

I can’t even figure out how to ask my question in the community forum, but based on your question, I thought you might know. (And if I learn the answer to your question in the process, I’d be happy to let you know!) TY!

Sorry - think I was supposed to @Aaron_Howerton on my previous comment.

Hi Joanne! It’s been a few years since I posted this but I believe Asana still has the same basic functionality for what you need.

Creating a Sub-Task is quite easy - there’s an option on the Task Pane that clearly indicates where to click. Once the Sub-Task is created, on the far right side of the same line, there’s a ‘Comment’ icon with an arrow that can be clicked to expand that sub-task’s details. On that page, you’ll see the sub-task option again. In this way, you can make endless sub-tasks!

I’ve added an image but I’m not sure it will upload, so please feel free to send me a direct message and I’ll try and get it to you there as well.

@Joanne_Roig seems the image did go through via email, hope this helps!