Subtask Inception

Hi All,

Creating a subtask within a task is great.

But I noticed that subtasks can have subtasks, and so on…

That could be come messy. Is there a way to limit or stop creating a subtask within a subtask.



Hi Kam,

There is not currently a way to limit the amount of subtasks that can be created. However your solution could be creating conventions on your team. You and your team could agree upon a convention that you’ll only create one layer of subtasks.

You can read more about conventions here Establish team conventions for Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Asana limits subtasks when you go 6 tasks deep within a project. You can only go 6 layers deep before you reach the subtask limit and are unable to create subtasks within that 7th layer.

Just wanted to add here that multiple levels of subtasks is a real negative for a team I’m working with.

It’s just too easy to accidentally create a sub-task of a sub-task, instead of creating a second sub-task inside of the top-level task.

It’s one of a series of issues around Asana usability and onboarding that may see them move away from Asana by the end of the trial.

It would be hugely valuable here for admins to be able to set the nesting limit of sub-tasks - and therefore reduce from 5 levels to 1.