6 levels of task grouping and enabling multiple followups on tasks.

Hey Guys, we are a consulting company. Trying to use Asana for our sessions management and other session scheduling system. is it possible to have 5-6 levels of task groupings…and have 2-3 different followups on the lowest level task.

has anyone tried it with need of it…?

Welcome to the Community Forum @Ankitt_Gaur!

Just to make sure I understand your request, are you trying to create something like this?

  • Main task
    ** Subtask 1
    *** Subtask of subtask 1

You can currently create 5 levels of subtasks.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hey, could you please guide, how can I do that?

Of course @Ankitt_Gaur! When you create a task, you will have the option to create subtasks, please see screenshot below:

Then, once you create your subtasks, you can open them and create another subtask. Please find all the information about subtasks in this article.

I hope this helps!