Feature Request: Subtasks for Subtasks

I would like to see at least one more additional layer of nesting for subtasks. I very often have projects that have deeply involved tasks that need to be broken into smaller and smaller parts. Right now, there’s no way to really get that granular in Asana. Adding additional layers would do the trick.

Hi @Todd_McKernan and welcome to the forum,

You actually can have multiple levels of subtasks now. To add a subtask to a subtask, display the subtask’s detail pane and click on “Add subtask” near the bottom of the detail pane.

What you can’t do, though, is view more than one level of subtask in the list view; that might be what’s confusing you. You can vote for that capability here: Ability to work on all levels of subtask from List view

Without that visual capability, it does make creating more than one level of subtask less useful and sometimes confusing. (Some Asana users and organizations discourage the practice for that reason!)

Hi Phil, thanks for the reply! Yes, you are correct! Sorry, I’m still pretty new to Asana. That’s exactly how I currently use Asana mostly (in list view). Just voted for the feature!

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