Limit possible Assignees


I’m using Asana to share project specific task lists with external clients, who are granted guest access to “their” Asana projects. Is there any way, that those external who I invite to join the project can create tasks and only assign them to specific internal employees? Currently, when the external user creates a tasks, is able to assign it to everyone in my company; I only want a specific of list of users to be available there.

Thanks for any advice!


@Michael_Mehl welcome to the community. At present I don’t believe this is possible.

Limiting the list of Assignees has been raised before and I think there is a Product Feedback post that you can add your vote to… @Marie are you able to advise?


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Hi @Michael_Mehl and @Jason_Woods :wave:t3:

Jason you’re correct, it is currently not possible to limit who can be assigned tasks in Asana. And yes we do have a feedback thread on this topic :point_right: Limiting what users show up as Assignee options for tasks

Hope this helps!

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