Limit Inbox Notifications to Just Comment Updates and Mentions


We’re finding Inbox notifications to be Too Much Information (TMI) such that some team members are missing communications because due to TMI All Inbox notifications are getting archived vs each one being individually examined.

Accordingly, the Inbox isn’t working for us. Is there a way to limit Inbox notifications to ONLY explicit comment updates or mentions?

Sending out notifications for each and every little change to a task is simply TMI and actually inhibits vs increases productivity.


Hi @Bill_Doerrfeld and thanks for your feedback.

As it stands, the Inbox feature is not customisable, but I would highly recommend to add your vote on this thread; having the ability to filter out your Inbox could help your team focusing on notifications that matter the most to them!


Thanks. I voted. Inbox is unmanageable and useless and inhibits productivity in it’s current incarnation. I’m discovering that Asana is not the replacement for email that it markets itself to be.


InBox improvement is a long time request, never taken into consideration. There are many threads about that.