Let attachments be inside comments body (as part of a single item)

Same as I can paste an inline image like this in this post:

Allow the same for both task description and task comments

It would be great to attach documents at a comments level to help easily identify comments that may pertain to a specific document.


Thanks for this feedback, @Silas! While the document won’t appear directly within the comment at this time, have you noticed that documents do appear in the comments list in the order they were added? As you can see here, I’ve attached a document and you can see it in the comments list.

I hope this helps you in the interim. :slight_smile:


Looking like a 32 month interim! :wink:

Is this on the roadmap anywhere?

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I wouldn’t use this feature in most of my tasks but when I need it for specific projects, I really miss it! Having this feature would speed up those workflows by a lot.
I’d love to know where this is on Asana’s roadmap.

Hello Asana, when can we expect this?

I’m new to Asana, and I may be missing something, but it appears that I have to do them in separate steps. I can’t see a way to comment and attach a file at the same time. In other words, I comment, then I have to attach a file (consequently triggering two notifications, one for the comment, one for uploading the file). Can’t these go together? What am I missing?

The answer is: No.
However, is the real issue the count/frequency of notifications? in which case you might consider changing your notifications settings. Just remember that there are Project-level settings as well as your Profile settings that influence notifications.

I don’t think @Brian_Burch is worried about the frequency, for me it’s about the misleading effect of receiving 2 notifications that actually represent the same idea (comment + attachment).

By providing what is requested in this thread Asana would be resolving the double notifications issue, since the comment+attachment (or comment+image) will be 1, the notification will be 1.

So again, @asana1 when can you provide this?

Thanks @Juan_Diego. Yes, I’m not worried about notifications, I can manage those. What I’m hoping for is being able to place the pertinent image (.pdf or .png or .jpg) in with the corresponding comment box for clarity in jobs with lots of comments and lots of attached files. Also, I’m hoping that @asana1 is working on having .pdf files display thumbnails similar to .png or .jpg bitmapped files. That’s pretty common and doesn’t seem to be a big technology challenge. Is it on a REV or DEV list?

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Hi there,

I noticed, when we add images or screenshots the chat sessions dont hold them in place rather add them at the bottom of the chat. This becomes a problem because when I go thru the chat, it becomes confusing which image they are refferning.

In Skype, whats up and other common chat messages programs, the images is also part of the conversation , so its easy to understand. Instead of checking all the attachments at the bottom of the chat.


This would be a very nice addition! At least being able to somehow link to an uploaded file within a task, so that you can open it without scrolling down to the bottom and guessing what file was attached/related to what comment.

Hi @Anthony_Sequeira and welcome to the Asana Forum!

This is actually a popular request in the Forum and we already have an existing thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread to compile all feedback and votes in one place!

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Hi there,

Can you let me know the link to the forum,that has this request?

also another issue is that task are very easily deleted , sometimes the task are deleted by mistake and is not recoverable.



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My team just upgraded to Asana Premium and we’re loving it. I’m preaching to the choir, but I would like to add my vote into to have the HTML code adjusted to include an attachment link in the comment field. It kinda makes sense, right? Here is my design and my comment. It’s logical.

@Marie wrote “…and this is definitely something we might look into for future improvements.” was written in February 2018, over a year. I guess might was the operative word.

…or make the link bar sticky.

…or create a key command, which activates the attachment pane, so we don’t have to scroll all the way to the top. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Right? A link to the existing thread would be helpful. :roll_eyes:

HI @Dimitry :wave:t3:

Thanks for the mention and for sharing your feedback with us. We’re aware that this is a popular request among our Forum members and while we reconsider it ahead of each roadmap, it hasn’t been yet prioritized. I can’t promise when this will be implemented, but I can ensure you that I’m closely following on this topic and representing your voice internally.

@Anthony_Sequeira; this is the thread I’m referring to! You initially created this post Chat session - images as part of the conversation and I merge it into the thread you’re reading now which already had many replies and vites :slight_smile: