Less than 5 Members?


Trying hard to like this product, went to pay for 2 x users, and… I can only pay for a minimum of 5 members… sounds like Silicon Valley growth hacking fluff, trying to out-smart the simple. My recommendation would be to keep it simple when saying that there is a per member rate… charge a per user rate. If you want to tier it then offer discounts at certain tiers, that would = a member benefit vs disappointment. On revisiting the pricing I am further disappointed noticing that after the “20 users” the price per user actually goes up 30%… It is enough to move on from this trial after investing a few days into it. Your frontend UI team is great though.

Premium for individuals - merge these posts

I agree that the pricing model can be frustrating, and I’ve made some suggestions about how to be more transparent about it. That said, I’m guessing that there’s a minimum cost (especially in terms of support) for one user, and it’s not five times as much for five users. So maybe they can’t make money charging $9.99/mo for one user who keeps asking support questions, but five users aren’t likely to ask five times as many questions for the 5x increase in revenue. I would actually prefer they say the product costs $49.95/mo for up to 5 users, with additional users available for $9.99/mo, but I can see how this might be off-putting to people who haven’t done a trial yet.


Same issue here. I don’t understand why you can have 15 users for free, hobbled, but if you want to pay for premium features for 1-2 people, you can’t. If I have to pay $50/month to have the functionality then I’m more likely to choose another program that has all that functionality + in-program gantt charts + date ranges + multiple views of the same project tasks, etc.


Wish they offered a price for 2 and 3 member teams, would buy tomorrow…


Just went to explore upgrading and see I’ll be locked into 5 members. No go for my small company. Such a bummer. I agree with @NerdySarah, I don’t see why we can have up to 15 users for free with a “hobbled” plan but can’t upgrade for a few users to the premium features.


Just wondering why Asana doesn’t seem to have answered this question, even though its been raised for over two years?
Am I missing a reply from them - or do they just not care for the freelancer? Just wondering…


I’m with you, found this post and a few other very old posts of people asking for the same thing. Taking this to their other social accounts, let’s see if they respond there