Later Task List



In ‘My Task’ section there is subsection called “Later”, it contain task that has no due date and that is not visible until we don’t expand that section.

I am checking if there is any way to make it expandable for permanently, just like normal task list which has due date and its always visible.


For technical reason, I don’t think they will do that.


@Sumeet_Kumar, if you open your Later section, it will remain open if you navigate away from the page – it will stay in whatever state it was left. If you want to view all your Tasks without Today, Upcoming and Later, you can also sort your Task list by Due Date (and Tasks without a Due Date will be at the bottom).


In my Later section of My Task list, the tasks marked for later are grouped by Project. Did I change a setting or view? Or is normal for everyone?snagit


You did not change anything, the default view of the later section is per projects.


Thank you Julien!