keyboard shortcut to _finish_ quick-adding a task?

I’m using the Mac desktop app. I like the tab-Q shortcut to start quick-adding a task! However, when I’m done entering the task info, I have to save the task and I can’t find a way to do that other than mousing over to the “save” button in the lower right (or pressing Tab about 8 times until it’s highlighted). Is there a keyboard shortcut to save a quick-add task?

Normally I’d expect the shortcut to be cmd-enter, but that actually causes other tasks, elsewhere on the screen, to be marked complete. Is that working as intended?

Immediately after posting this I realized that it should be tab-enter. And it is. I’ll leave this up in case someone else has this question someday.


Thanks for posting the answer, so many people post “nevermind I found it” and leave :sweat_smile:

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