Keyboard shortcut to open details pane on newly created task

How - using the keyboard only - can I open the details pane for a task I just created? I want to add details to a new task, but can’t do it with only the keyboard?

To clarify: I know about using TAB+Q to open the quick task panel, which includes the description and some other details. That’s not what I want.

What if I’m in a project and add a new task in a specific section using the + button? I type the task title, and now want to add details? How do I do that without the mouse?

TAB+RIGHT used to work on existing tasks but you couldn’t use it until you’d created the task and then clicked on it again. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to work at all anymore?


Does this help (tl;dr Tab+Enter)?



Amaze-balls. Thanks

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