Keyboard Shortcut: Due Date Tomorrow


The Tab + Y shortcut is great for setting a due date for today. It would be great to have a similar shortcut for setting a due date to tomorrow.


Tab + Y adds the task to the Today section in “My Tasks” but doesn’t actually set the due date to the current day.


What @Geoff_Manning says is true, there’s no shortcut for actually changing a due date to Today. The TAB-Y is only for tasks you’re assigned and is for controlling the list in your My Tasks. So today I’m going through and planning out my day by marking new tasks or pulling from later/upcoming with the TAB-Y shortcut.

The only way to sort-of quickly add via keyboard a due date is to TAB-D and then type out the date like TAB-D 5/31/17. It’s not really a one-stroke solution, but it keeps you to your keyboard and out of your mouse if you prefer that.

I know it’s usually quicker to use keyboard shortcuts, but I’ve only mastered the bare minimum like TAB-M, x.x


To add to what @caisha said, you could also Tab+D then type “tomorrow” and enter. That will set the actual due date to tomorrow. Technically that’s potentially more typing than the actual date but doesn’t require you to know what tomorrows date is :slight_smile:


That would work too! See, I still have lots to learn about shortcuts hah


oh, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much everyone. Tab + D it is!

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Yay =)


It would be great if there could be keyboard shortcuts for posslbe due dates. like “end of week”, “start of week”. Otherwise it would be great if i could easily navigate the calender with the cursors. At the moment it is the only point where i need to grap the mouse :frowning: