Due Today Keyboard Shortcut in Project


I strongly desire a keyboard shortcut to quickly set a selected task to be due today. I’m aware of Com-Y to set a task to Today while in My Tasks. But, that doesn’t set the Due Date to Today and there’s no way within a Project to do this. I’m also aware of Com-D to set Due Date but that requires additional steps to set the Due Date to Today. I’ve seen another suggestion to set Due Date via shortcut and number which is even more powerful. Other productivity apps provide this feature. Say Tab-0 to Today, Tab-1 to Tomorrow and so on. Asana has so many great productivity shortcuts, but, we need a quicker/better way to mark a task due Today.


Have a look at this post as there is a anumber of shortcuts that might suit…



Thanks but that doesn’t really help. I am aware of the documented keyboard shortcuts. To mark a task Due Today via keyboard shortcut entails pressing Com-D then typing the word “Today” which involves a total of seven keystrokes. That’s not what I’d consider a shortcut. My proposed “Tab-0” shortcut is just two keystrokes. Big difference.


Yep Agee Tab+0 sounds like a good quick shortcut…