Due date is set automatic when a new task is created

Hi, is it possible to automatic set due date, when a new task is create?

E.q.: I push ALT+Q and the new task has already set due day to Tomorrow. (no rules, no ALT+D)

I create many tasks everyday for many collaborates and this function would be very helpful. I think this function was in previously version of Asana-app.

Has someone some ‘hack’, which can help me? Thanks :slight_smile:


I am not sure it was ever available, maybe @lpb remembers. Speaking of the devil, I think Larry built a Chrome extension to change a task due date rapidly, isn’t that right Larry?

Welcome, @Daniel_Vesecký,

I think there was/is an A/B test that sets a date in some particular circumstances but can’t recall the details.

You may be interested in what @Bastien_Siebman mentioned which I describe below. I use it all day long!

Hope that helps,


There was indeed a test where any new task was due for the next business day. Seems to be gone.