💪 Keep your (remote) team motivated with the help of Asana - A to Z

Great ideas. I’m finding it harder and harder to stay motivated while working at home drags on. I’ve been emailing a team mate every week just to catch up on non-work related tasks to build camaraderie.

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@Andrea_Mayer amazing post!! Really love the Monday & Friday motivation. Do you have more examples or where I can read more about this kind of motivation? Thank you.

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Thanks for your feedback @Enric_Moreno!

Yeah actually I started compiling more things and will probably prepare another post or update this one with more ideas sometime within the next months.

One thing I started testing is running short funny and even off-topic votes randomly during the week such as “Salty or Sweet Popcorn” (this one I posted on “National Caramel Popcorn Day”) and then the team had a fun convo about it joking why people would prefer sweet popcorn in cinemas for example. Was a nice short distraction during a tough working day.
I started doing such short votes randomly on various days and the team has fun with it.

Now to even improve on how such votes display (instead of listing the options in subtasks for example and get the team to upvote) I cannot wait for this feature to launch :slight_smile:

Now in terms of the Monday & Friday motivation sure I will compile some I used and share within the next days.


Thank you for your quick reply! I’ll wait for your update.

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