Job cards & invoices


Is it possible to use Asana tasks as ‘job cards’, then when the ‘task’ is completed send an invoice for a fixed price to a customer? I understand some manual intervention will be needed here.

This is my ideal for a task aka job card;

All suggestions welcome. Thank you.

You can use custom fields for the price, and connect to a mail service using zapier :wink:

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That’s looks a good solution, I like it. Just checked pricing though. With a small team of two users the Premium version will cost £300 per year. That wipes out any profit for my small application… I will need to look for another solution.

Perhaps using Trello and trigger on a text field e.g. Billing: ?
I don’t know, will have to research it.

Suggestions welcome.

Without custom fields you might be able to work with subtasks including a specific pattern like “Billing=X£”. @paulminors any suggestion about how to use Zapier?

Yes, you could simply use the trigger, “New task completed within project” and then make a bunch of actions happen.

Becuase you don’t want to use custom fields, you’d need a way of extracting info from the description. One idea is to email a copy of the task description to the Zapier parser, then use this to extract the customer details for using in your invoice.

@Richard_Ecob let me know if you need any help setting this up.

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