How do I create an invoice based on Asana tasks?

Hello! I am using Asana for vendor task management and would like to know if there is a way to automatically issue an invoice based on Asana task which has different prices.

I found but it can only log task hours and could not set any task-specific prices. Is there any integrations which make this happen?

Thank you,


Hi Satoko.

This isn’t functionality available natively in Asana.

There are several time tracking applications that include invoicing based on time logged. I’m not familiar with each and every one of these, but several include the ability to specify unique rates per task / per person / per project / per client, as well as support fixed-fee projects. From my personal experience, Harvest and Everhour appear to be good potential options, but do check the full list for yourself as the capabilities available from the add-ons is constantly improving.

I have in the past experimented with the following options in Asana for invoices based on time/quantity which might be useful ideas for you to explore further:

Option 1

  • Add a Fees custom field and maintain this manually. This works best if you have fixed-fee work, or if you’re happy to cost up high-level activities (and then perhaps put the more detailed tasks as subtasks).
  • At the end of each invoice period I look for tasks completed and export the data into Excel/Google Sheets and then into my invoicing tool.

Option 2

  • Add a Service Type and Quantity fields or something similar (I had ServiceType and Hours in my scenario) for tasks that can be invoiced and configure these manually.
  • At the end of each invoice period I look for tasks completed and export the data into Excel/Google Sheets.
  • If you need to manipulate the data (e.g. look up the appropriate rate and then multiple by hours to get the actual fees) you can do so in Excel/Google Sheets. In my case I was able to carefully configure the ServiceType field so that the ServiceType and Hours data could be pasted directly from Excel into my invoicing tool which would then apply the correct rates.

Both these options required some effort to maintain and include a manual export step that may not be ideal. I found the time saved by working in Asana overall made up for this, but of course avoiding a manual export and having a tool pull the data directly would be preferred!



Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your detailed reply. I really appreciate it.
I will look further into other integration options, but for now adding a custom field would work best and meet our most critical needs.

The goal is to help our vendors easily organize each task with prices rather than having them manually check the task details and create an invoice, so exporting spreadsheets sounds sufficient.

Thank you, and I will also look for the better solutions.



Hi @Satoko -san

I’d like to recommend timely-app for your needs.

  • Timely logs every activity on PC/ Mac through resident app, named “Memory”.
  • You can log your activities manually with Timely timeline on the web or with Timely mobile App.
  • After you got logs, you can assign activities into projects ( AI helps assignment) /tags
  • You can set hour price rate to each project
  • You can make invoice report by project / by tag …

I’ve been an user for 3y and I love Timely. It works well.




Hi Kenichi-san,

Thank you for your reply!

I was not aware of Timely App and will try the integration soon. It seems to be a very good solution if the app allows us to log all the activities and set the fix rate per task.

Again, I appreciate your kind support.



Hi @Kenichi -san,

Please allow me to ask one more question regarding this topic. :pray:

I signed up for Timely app but it seems I could only set a fixed hourly rate for projects.

Since we are a translation agency and our task rates vary (rate per word, rate per hour, or fixed rate projects) depending on each task, I would like to set unique fixed rate per Asana task. Is there any such a function in Timely App?