Best integration to create staff job cards / worksheets

Good morning all :slight_smile:

Sorry if this has been asked lots before but I’ve joined a new company and we are looking for one solution that we can roll out across the whole team including admin and our ground-staff who respond to maintenance issues.

What I’m looking to do is to create tasks / issues with subtasks within Asana allocate them to team members and print off ‘job cards’ for those that wouldn’t be able to use tech. The job cards would perhaps show the task details in table format at the top and then at the bottom a few boxes where team members can handwrite down time spent, materials used etc.

I’ve looked at Asana2Go but with the html etc it could be out of my ability for a quick solution. Could anyone else recommend an integration that I could use for this?

Thank you !


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Welcome, @John_MacPherson1,

I appreciate that customizing an Asana2Go format may be hard for you. If you know anyone good with websites they’d be able to help, though.

For a simpler approach, have you tried to create a task with description and/or suhtaasks with some blank rows such that when you use Asana’s tas detail pane “. . .” menu Print function, it might create a document that could be written on in as you describe?



Hi Larry,

I could do that but really looking for something a little more professional as they may well be requested by the client to attach with the invoice.

Obviously I could sign up to a job management app or issue tracker but it would be ideal to have it (if possible) on the same system as admin staff and fully utilize it.

Even if there was a way of pulling data through to a Google sheets template or something.

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Understood. In fact, this is the main reason why I created Asana2Go and its main purpose.

You could use,, and others to connect Asana to another app (you mention Google Sheets), which could be seen as simpler or more complicated than just using Asana2Go, depending on your point of view.