I've just signed up for Asana but the todo items I added have disappeared

I have some familiarity with Asana b/c I use it at work but just created a personal account (which I need to figure out how to merge with my work, but that’s for later). When creating this it asked me to pre-fill a number of chores I had to do so I added 3. And I think they were on my list til a few mins ago. Then I went to preferences and changed the background and now my todo list is empty! Anyone know what’s going on? I went to archived list but that was empty as well.

Hi @Daanish, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! It seems you are part of several Workspaces/Organizations, I recommend you checking that you are in the right space by clicking your profile picture and switching between them.

Let me know if this works! :slight_smile: