Issues with Remove Project from Task Automation


I am testing an automation where if a task is moved to a specific section I want to do the following:

Remove any project associated with the task and then
Associate a new project with the same task

I am finding issues trying to layer both steps in the same automation and removing the project also removes the assignee from that task which I was not expecting

Curious if anyone has any thoughts on how to achieve this?

In native Asana, you can remove a task from one project–the project in which the rule exists, but only that project.

So I don’t think you can do what you’re asking natively in Asana.

I was able to remove a task from the current project and add it to another and it had no effect on the Assignee:



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This will only happen if such a rule exists is someone’s My tasks. i.e. removing a task from a person’s My tasks will also remove them as the assignee.


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