Create New Task and Move to another Project

We have this project that we would like to automate as much as possible. One automation we’d like to do is creating a new task within a project and moving that new task to another project.

I have created a rule that needs to check if a existing task is in a specific section to create a new task and move that new task to another project. Instead the existing task is moved to the other project and the new created tasks stays. I don’t want there to be a copy of either task on any of the projects, we’d like for each task to remain in the project they belong to. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @kylacortez49,

What you’re describing sounds like it is to be expected. When a task triggers a rule, the actions of that rule will apply to the task that trigger the rule, not another task.

Let’s call the first project project A, and the project you want the new task to go to project B

Add a custom field to the newly created task, and add a second rule that will move the newly created task from project A to project B. Make sure you allow this second rule to be triggered by other rules.

Assuming this solves your question I’ve marked this as a solution.

Be sure to let me know if it doesn’t.

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Thanks! I added an extra choice to a custom field I had and rewrote my rules and it worked!

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