Issues with Project Permissions Roll out

Whilst I do understand why there will be a need to organise project permissions, our issue is on many of our project boards (within a team), we have a number of clients who should only have
‘commenter’ access on these boards, where as I should be admin (as the main PM) and my ‘team’ ideally is an editor. However, I keep receiving this message and to make 9 people as part of the client an admin would be really risky for us, and then to downgrade all of my team to commenter would also be risky for us.


I’m really concerned about the auto update in a few weeks and would love some advice.

I have read other threads regarding the team access vs the individual per person access on a board and I did try to eliminate per person and upgrade the team instead, but I still get the same message about the 9 guests on the board (and other boards with guests)

@Sarah_Law - I also am very confused by the structure of this preference warning. Ours was similar. It makes no sense to me why you’d need to choose either of these options. The more logical choice would be “Do you want your commenters to remain commenters or to be moved to view only?”

Welcome, @Sarah_Law,

Your best bet would be to:

  • Click “Not now” on this dialog
  • Remove your guests/commenters from the team
  • Add (if not already there) those guests/commenters to the projects as Commenter
  • If not already done, make each project’s default team access be “Editor”
  • If not already done, make your own access be “Project admin”
  • I believe the warning will go away at this point; you’ll no longer be in the conflicting state

@Bryan_TeamKickstart, You should have a look at the private-to-Ambassadors thread for more info:




Hi guys, thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. Just to come back in line:

  1. We don’t have guests on the team, only the individual boards

  2. The default state for our team access is Editor

  3. I am already the project admin

As a bit of context:

  • We use ‘Teams’ to break up our agency into, well, teams
  • We use Boards within each ‘team’ to help us to organise our workflow, such as ‘Web Team’ has website projects within it
  • Within each ‘project board’ will have our team, but also the clients as ‘guests’.
  • Within each board I am usually the project admin, as I set the boards up.
  • Our team would be Editor as we don’t want everyone to be admin
  • Clients would be ‘comment only’ access as guests - we want them to comment, but we don’t want them to edit dates or timelines as part of our web projects.

So, this means we have a predicament which is that we don’t have any mid-range options here for security. Either my entire team would be commenter, or our entire client (for this project it is 9 people) would move to Editor. This really won’t work for us as an agency because it gives our client too much control over our timelines and deadlines and is a high risk for us.


I totally appreciate that there needs to be updates and changes to the platform and really do usually champion these, but as a long-time user of Asana, only having two very different and severe options is going to create such a challenge for our business.

Thanks and speak soon


My understanding is that you have the team default as Editor.

So long as you have no project members (Guests or otherwise) specified as Commenter in a project, that project won’t show this dialog and won’t be in conflict.

Hi there

What do you mean sorry? The example I gave is a project where I have team access as Editor, but guests on the project (as the guests are project specific) as a commenter - this is a feature we do need to have split out.

Clients = guests = differ per project board
Team = editor on all projects

Here is a screenshot:

Hi @Sarah_Law, the screenshot helps and therefore if you change the ‘Web Projects’ (at the top of the list) to Commenter, you should no longer have a conflict.

Not sure what you mean; I didn’t write “sorry” in my post??

You should not have a conflict if your Guests are not members of the Team that the project is in.

If you want them to both be team members and have a project permission lower than the default team permission, well, that will no longer be possible and what a number of us are saying is a problem.

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Hi Richard - thanks so much for this!

The problem with this approach is that the ‘web projects’ team is our agency team which means the entire team will only be able to comment on tasks as opposed to being able to edit their deadlines or complete tasks which will be tricky for us to manage projects in this way.

I don’t really know what to do from here - if this roll out automatically happens on 29th in this way it will have a huge impact on our business, along with many other agencies I presume :frowning:

Apologies - I was saying sorry initially as I misunderstood your question!

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Hi @Sarah_Law, my understanding is that ‘Web projects’ team would have to be set to Commenter and then you would have to add all your team members as Editors, leaving all the Guests as Commenters. @lpb , do you agree?

Btw, Sarah, make sure your team members check their default notification settings, such as unchecking the default ‘Tasks added’ (to projects), or manage the notifications of projects that they are already members of by choosing the large button at the bottom of their notification settings.

Btw, I am sure this roll out will have an impact on many customers! I’m still baffled with this changed :exploding_head:

Sarah wrote that’s not viable for their needs. My suggestion earlier was:

Removing them from the team was my recommendation.

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That’s would make sense, but I based my suggestion on this:

My main point was: My suspicion is that there’s no longer a conflict; Sarah hasn’t confirmed that’s wrong.

(But you’re right; the second part of my last post is a mistake because Sarah already confirmed they weren’t in the team. It’s easier to debug things like this in one quick interactive session instead of a multi-day asynchronous thread!)

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Hey both

Yeah we do still see conflicts so I have reached out to Asana support again to see if there is anything technically wrong. We only have our team members in the teams and need them to be editors, then clients as guests (who are not in the teams)

The bottom line is, Asana won’t work for us as an Agency if we’re shoehorned into making entire teams a commenter, then adding individual team members again individually so they have editor access and then adding multiple clients as guests. We have around 300 boards which have client access so this really will hinder us.

As it is a tool for project & task management, I’m hoping they understand the issues here and will support with a resolution which isn’t simply making the entire team commenters or clients editors.

Appreciate your support very much - have a great week!

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