Issues importing CSV

We are a marketing agency and we have a template we use to start our client and then break each section down so we can reupload certain tasks that aren’t something we could put as recurring. i.e social media for each month of the year (jan-dec).
We have set up our onboarding template in asana, which works great but takes a lot of time to adjust due dates and changing the task name to include the client name, which is why we do it this way. We can simply replace client with the client and reupload via csv. In years past it has worked great but for some reason if I take the section I need from the template and import it into the current project as a csv, it turns the dependents field into text vs the actual dependents field. This only happens when I do all 12 months as an import. If I do 1-2 months it works perfectly fine and maps out the subtasks and dependencies perfectly. It makes no sense.

We updated the template this year to have a few extra subtasks but it doesn’t really make sense why the dependent field won’t map correctly with more than 2 months. Can someone help me get to the bottom of this?

Here is the doc if you would like to review: Asana Template - Google Sheets

Here is a loom video so you can see what I am seeing:

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I recommend using this tool, it works really well!

Now in regards to your problem with the due dates setting the due dates relative in the project template does not help?

Here is another idea: Build a template and automatically assign new due dates to projects created from the template - #3 by Phil_Seeman

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It doesnt because I cant set dates based on time from project start for these. I need them to be specific dates each month. Maybe there is another way to do this…

Can you point me in the direction of professional help/support for this? If it works as a template within asana but then when you export and reimport, shouldn’t it work?

Okay I see yeah so if you need specific dates you‘d have to set them. Usually it is very fast in list view or even timeline you can drag and drop the tasks where you need them.

Yes importing should definitely work. Based on the video I cannot really figure out what exactly the issue is.
It will be best to email Asana Support as they have more tools available to look into is.