Build a template and automatically assign new due dates to projects created from the template

I’m currently working on building a template that we’ll use to duplicate over and over again. I work for a construction company that builders homes and was hoping to see if there is a way to set a time frame, not date specific for each task? An example would be, excavation takes 3 days to do and then order framing material would pop up on day 4, start framing would pop up on day 5. Just trying to see if there is a way to not have to go into every single project and assign specific dates as it takes 90 days to build a house and would be a pain to have to go in and assign dates each time we start a new home which is 5 a month.

Is this even possible?

@Courtney_Waterbury, You can definitely do this, just have a look at How to Use Asana Custom Templates • Asana and recognize that, although your template will contain absolute dates for tasks, they will be considered relatively when instantiating new projects from the template, in one of the flexible approaches as described in the help.


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As @lpb says, you can use Asana’s “Schedule Project Dates” feature; as mentioned, it involves setting up an initial set of dates in your template, whose dates relative to each other generate a new set of dates in the new project.

If you’d prefer not to use dates in your template but rather just specify durations for each task, the Dynamic Duration Workflow type in my Flowsana integration provides that capability - Flowsana adds a “Duration” column where you enter the number of days (or weeks or months) for each task, and then Flowsana uses that information, along with the dependency structure you set up, to generate the dates for your new project (and to update dates appropriately if schedules shift).


Thanks, @Phil_Seeman, I meant to mention your great Flowsana in my reply because, as you point it, it will let @Courtney_Waterbury use the relative dates requested which is more direct.

This sounds exactly what I’m looking for, thank you soo much for the response!!!


Hi Phil, So I set up everything how I think it needs to be, the directions on flowsana aren’t the best. When I assigned the start to end date it showed on my calendar “start date” for the project but none of the tasks are showing on my calendar… Is there a way to have someone look at my project to see if I have it set up the way I’m hoping it will function?

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Hi @Courtney_Waterbury,

I’ve replied to your Flowsana support ticket and indicated the one missing piece.

Hi! Running into an issue with our Project Templates. Lately when I create from a project template and schedule project dates using an end date, it chooses a different date entirely and therefore incorrectly schedules all the tasks. However, when I built a project from a template using a start date, it’s fine. Is Asana aware of this glitch?? Thank you.