Issue with a TEAM being unable to create templates - Message in teams shows "Upgrade to Asana Starter"

Hi Community

I am running into an issue with one of my teams being able to save and create templates. In our department we have multiple teams created, in this particular team they created a project, tried to save as a template but then get error message that they must upgrade to Asana Starter. I can even see the message when i look at their Team page. No other team, we have 10+ is facing this issue. Any idea what / why this is happening and how to resolved it?


It sounds like your company is using a “Division” plan where your Asana Admin (someone at your org with access to the Admin Console) designates which specific teams are in the Division (and thereby part of a paid plan) and all other teams are part of the free plan. So, check with your Asana Admin (or Super Admin or Billing Admin).



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