Issue with a new feature - Dependencies force date shifts when making adjustments in Timeline view

I like to use Timeline view for bulk editing a schedule (for example, when I want to shift back all tasks by one week).

My team also uses Dependencies to indicate the order that tasks should be done. This is built into all of our templates. We sometimes have small Dependent tasks due within the same day - which created a red arrow in Timeline, but that didn’t bug us.

However, now there is a new feature which means that when I drag three tasks that are supposed to happen on the same day, the timeline forces them to fan out across three days, in order to get rid of the red arrows. Obviously, this creates issues for the whole schedule. I have to go back and reset all the dates in smaller batches using List view.

Thoughts about this? Possible workarounds? Do we just need to remove dependencies from our templates?

Hi @Michaela,

You can turn off auto-shifting of dates for a specific project - see the very bottom of this page for details:

I would think that would probably be preferable to not using dependencies at all.


Thanks very much for your speedy reply! That’s exactly what I needed.

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Wut? In this particular case? Or like never ever? :thinking:

In this particular case. :smile:

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