Issue when duplicating a project containing recurring subtasks

Hi @Marie Marie, I am not sure if @Lauren_Martin1 and @Karen_Reznik have solved their problems with templates, but I am having one that seems to be related to it.
Actually, it is the opposite as the number of tasks created when I duplicate or create from a template is double or triple the amount of tasks I have.

The general Idea of my template is to have tasks organized as follow:
1 Section which contains 1 recurring subtask
The 1 recurring subtask is added to the project (Tab P) so it appears on the left side as a task

When I create a new project it results as follow:

  • 1 Section created successfully
  • 1 recurring subtask created succesfully and added as a task as well
    (If it stopped here, that’s what I was looking for… but then)
  • 1 additional recurring subtask also added as a task
  • 1 additional subtask created under my section

The result is even worse when I use the duplicate project function.

Any Idea how to solve this?


Hi @Ju2 and thanks for reaching out!

Just moving your post to another thread to avoid any mix-up/confusion with the other bug.

I think the issue you’re running into is linked to the fact you create your subtasks within a Section. Instead, in your template, could you just create a task under your section (instead of the subtask) and set it to repeat?

Hi Marie, sorry I have not replied to you earlier.
That’s pretty much what I ended up doing, but it would have been better if I could have kept it as a subtask.
The archive gets messy with weekly recurring tasks after a while and I find it much better not to have all those archived recurring tasks in the main task view. “Hiding” them within an active task was the intent, so hopefully it will work like that one day.


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@Marie I have a similar issue. When duplicating a project, all of my subtasks repeat themselves. Some of them have dependencies so that further complicates things. None of them are recurring though (I’ve learned to just not mess with recurring subtasks if I can help it).

I think eventually I will make the project I’m trying to duplicate into a template, so that may solve it. Just wondering if there’s something I can do as far as duplicating a project without doubling up all the subtasks. For this particular one, I’ve got 8 unique subtasks (and now I have 16 in my duplicated project).