is there any way to create webhook for users?

API doc says that we can create webhook for project, team_membership,workspace_membership , but how can we create webhook for a user ?
when someone was mentioned or new task was assigneed to ,so that they can receive notification when webhook received message, it’s same if we can create a webhook for a user’s inbox.


Hi @springss and welcome to the forum,

AFAIK there is not a webhook available for the user object.

@Ross_Grambo confirming that this is correct?

Also, webhooks are derived from events which represent changes to an object, and when you mention a user or assign a task to a user, no change is occurring to that user object itself. So I think even if one was available, it would only fire when something changed on the actual user object, like an email-address change or something like that.


Thank you @Phil_Seeman and +1 to what he said.

Sadly we don’t expose inbox notifications in the API yet (And I can’t think of another way to replicate it). I’ll confirm with the API team that this isn’t coming in the near future. I believe we’ve held off on it because inbox notifications self-delete, update on the fly, and other non-developer friendly behavior.

I know some devs use search, asking for tasks a user is a collaborator on, and get them in order of last modified. I wouldn’t advocate for this approach as last modified has some caveats, search has some caveats, and this may not give you the results you were hoping for. :frowning:

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@Phil_Seeman @Ross_Grambo Thank you for your prompt reply.
I am trying build webhook for user_task_lists and Most of them can meet my needs, except when someone was mentioned in a task that not assigneed to him , webhook wouldn’t receive message . because user_task_lists is still only a webhook for tasks that belong to someone. and mentioned is a kind of change of this task.

That makes sense. I’ll throw a task in their backlog for the API team to consider exposing events like @mentions.

Until then, I can’t think of any workaround besides the last modified task approach.

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