Webhook Implementation

Im working on a project that send user’s tasks to their discord, so it notify them but im not sure how to do it using webhooks?

In your Discord server settings, create a webhook for the channel where you want to send notifications. And obtain the webhook URL provided by Discord. In your project, use an HTTP POST request to send task data to the webhook URL. Include relevant information such as task details, user mentions, and any other relevant content.

Hi @stroos,

I’m almost positive the previous reply was generated by an AI chatbot and should be ignored as it’s pointing in a complete wrong direction. You’re asking about Asana webhooks, not Discord webhooks, I’m sure.

Using Asana webhooks is a big topic and it’s not really possible in one forum post to explain it all, especially not knowing your development environment, language, etc. The best thing to do is to read the developer documentation and then ask more specific questions here, and include information about your development context - what language, are you using an Asana client library, etc.

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Hey there! thanks for taking the time. indeed, I’m asking about Asana Webhooks.
I’m using typescript, Asana client library. And what I’m doing exactly let’s say i have the access token for multiple users, and i want to send them notifications every time a task got assigned to them

What I think I would do is establish a webhook to each user’s My Tasks, which in the API is called their User Task List (“UTL”). And if really all you want is newly assigned tasks, you can set a filter of task added on that webhook so the only events you’ll get are when tasks are added to the user’s UTL, meaning a task got assigned to them.

If it doesn’t bother you, can you give me an example of how to do it on JavaScript or typescript. cause the code on GitHub is outdated and not detailed

although what im doing is basicly, “task updates notifications & reminders”